Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Art Craft: Wild imagination with Jurassic Park at home.

‘Hello friends, my name is Ammar. I have something interesting to tell you. During this school holidays I learnt a lot about dinosaurs. Yes, dinosaur…it’s a big big thing. I can’t imagine how big the dinosaur is but I know it is bigger than me hehehe…
My mom tells me the story about dinosaur. We started with T.rex, I made my colourful T.rex and labelled the body by my own. Clap! Clap!
Owh..You know, the best part is when we build our Jurassic Park at home! You can see some of them are plant-eating dinosaurs and some are carnivores which can eat other animals and also human! OOppps sorry I made you scared but don’t worry they don’t live anymore.
Okay friends, you can build your own Jurassic Park or you can come over to my place and play with me. I can show you my T.rex, Stegosaurus, Allosaurus, err err..Sorry I forgot already but you can ask my mom because she knows well about dinosaur.
I should stop here because my mom is here. Shhhh….please don’t tell her that I hijacked her blog just to tell you this story. I want to keep it secret.
Ok till then.
Me in action
Thank you for reading this blog!


Airin Diana Anuar said...

Wow Nice one ammar!
Good Job!

Hanis said...

so cute!!

Nisah Idham said...

Can you build another Jurassic Park for Auntie. Auntie very keen to have it.

Husna said...

tq aunty Airin and aunty Hanis..

Aunty NIsah, mama ckp datang la rumah main dengan Ammar..